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Mint Indian Sandstone Sawn Honed Bull Nose Steps 1200X350 MM Patio Paving Stones

Mint Indian Sandstone Sawn Honed Bull Nose Steps 1200X350 MM Patio Paving Stones
Mint Indian Sandstone Sawn Honed Bull Nose Steps 1200X350 MM Patio Paving Stones
Mint Indian Sandstone Sawn Honed Bull Nose Steps 1200X350 MM Patio Paving Stones
Mint Indian Sandstone Sawn Honed Bull Nose Steps 1200X350 MM Patio Paving Stones
Mint Indian Sandstone Sawn Honed Bull Nose Steps 1200X350 MM Patio Paving Stones
Mint Indian Sandstone Sawn Honed Bull Nose Steps 1200X350 MM Patio Paving Stones
Mint Indian Sandstone Sawn Honed Bull Nose Steps 1200X350 MM Patio Paving Stones
Mint Indian Sandstone Sawn Honed Bull Nose Steps 1200X350 MM Patio Paving Stones
Mint Indian Sandstone Sawn Honed Bull Nose Steps 1200X350 MM Patio Paving Stones
Mint Indian Sandstone Sawn Honed Bull Nose Steps 1200X350 MM Patio Paving Stones
Mint Indian Sandstone Sawn Honed Bull Nose Steps 1200X350 MM Patio Paving Stones
Mint Indian Sandstone Sawn Honed Bull Nose Steps 1200X350 MM Patio Paving Stones

Mint Indian Sandstone Sawn Honed Bull Nose Steps 1200X350 MM Patio Paving Stones    Mint Indian Sandstone Sawn Honed Bull Nose Steps 1200X350 MM Patio Paving Stones
UK's largest supplier of Paving and Landscaping products. Special offers and discounts for trade and wholesale customers. Ivory Mint Honed Smooth Bullnose Steps 1200x350mm Garden Patio Paving Slabs. 5.04m2 Pack - 12 Pieces.

Honed Finish, Smooth surface, Calibrated, Swan Edges, Rectangle, Sandstone Material, One side Bull Nose steps. Mint Sandstone Honed Surface Finish.

Combination of a variety of sand mineral particles which makes it exceptionally hard-wearing and weather resistant. World and mint sandstone is one of the most loved Indian sandstones.

Mint sandstone is also called as. Fossil-like patterns are found on the stone. Which add to the beauty of this natural Indian sandstone. Is commonly sourced from Gwalior, a city in Madhya Pradesh, India and distributed all around the UK through our fully-fledged manufacturing units. Features a range of cream, beige, yellow, and orange.

With occasional scattered fossil detailing. Can instantly brighten up your space like no other stone. Is a riven surfaced natural sandstone with hand-dressed edges. Riven surface offers extraordinary slip-resistance to this stone even when the paving gets wet which places. In your top 10 list for outdoor flooring requirements.

This sandy buff sandstone with fossil highlights can create striking garden terraces or backyard garden patios. At Strata Stones can be found in differen. And finishes such as tumbled, honed. Riven surface and hand cut edge. S to fulfill every customer's design requirements.

Option for detailed information and queries. Mixed-sized patio packs in square and rectangle shape are available at Strata Stones along with single-sized slabs. You can also opt for various geometrically shaped slabs through our Bespoke project which will offer a traditionally modern touch to your outdoor paving. Split Pack Facility as per customer request. Is the most useful addition to your house if used for exterior wall claddings due to its high thermal and acid resistance. Mint fossil sandstone is indeed an amazing option for your outdoor flooring needs but that doesn't mean it cannot be used for your home interior. Mint sandstone is an Indian stone with rich legacy that can add a traditionally modern appeal to your living room or kitchen area.

Weather beautifully when exposed to sunlight or natural environmental conditions however your sandstone paving can easily be stained and to avoid that Strata Stones has offered a great range of sealers to protect your. In addition, do not forget to. At our high-quality jointing compounds for a seamless and finished tile installation. Strata Stones also conspires a great selection of garden accessories. Garden circle sets, wall coping, planters, benches, and more.

Calibrating the stone is a process whereby all the slabs are sawn to a consistent thickness for ease of laying. The edges of this stone are cut neatly to a specified size for a straight and clean paving arrangement. A semi-polished smooth finish achieved by sawing a block of stone into tiles. The space between adjacent slabs is called joint width where the jointing compound will be filled. Thinking of replacing your traditional garden landscaping or terrace flooring with uniquely shaped or sized natural Indian stones?

Strata Stones' Bespoke project is the one-step solution for all your needs, be it a traditional addition to your terrace flooring or a contemporary fix to your patio area. We have an in-house team of professionals working everyday towards the betterment of our services.

With the help of Bespoke project, you can get customized solutions on stone finishes, shape and size of the stone, and more. Option for any further queries or details. Please try our free samples if you are interested in this product. ALL OTHER POSTCODES, OFF-SHORE ISLANDS, SCOTTISH HIGHLANDS, NORTHERN IRELAND. All deliveries will be kerbside/bottom of the driveway only. Any alternative arrangements made between yourself the customer and the driver will not be part of our contract between our company, yourself and the courier. Deliveries lorries vary in size and maybe upto 28 tonne, if there are any difficulties with access in reaching your property, such as narrow roads, steep hills, long driveways. If you do notice any damages or you are unsure, but unable to check please sign the form as unchecked or damaged. Strata Stones is the UK division of Stone Age, India's leading producer and exporter of ethically sourced natural stones. As the sole UK supplier of a portfolio of natural stone products from our own quarries in India, we are the stone company of choice with our production and factory operations currently supplying 38 countries across every continent in the world. The heart of our process is a deep knowledge of the raw material, gained from decades of expertise in extracting the stone from our own quarries in Kota, Rajasthan, and from our key partners strategically situated across India. Our team of natural stone specialists select the stone blocks on site at each quarry to ensure it is free from faults and imperfections, before transporting to one of two highly automated manufacturing facilities located near Jaipur, India. This guarantees our products are manufactured to the highest standards, in accordance with the harmonised European standards for manufacturing compliance and material sourcing, and is embraced by the CE mark as standard on all our products. Strata customers can be assured that our stone is sourced from quarries that are fully compliant with ethical trading standards, in line with our processing operations. This is validated by the fact that all our documentation, procedures and practises are independently audited and comply with ISO9001:2008 and SA8000:2008, by TUV Rheinland, a leading international body for the certification of safety and quality in products, processes and management systems.

Our own quarry operations and factory facilities offering multiple natural stone finishes and processes are unequalled by any other UK supplier of Indian natural stone products. Due to significant investment in our stone processing factories we are able to offer an extensive range of finishes as you will see in this brochure. This investment enables us to customise products and finishes to produce outstanding statement product for our customers in over 30 countries.

Our attention to quality and extensive range of stone solutions means we are able to supply the UK landscaping market, in addition to the interior and home furnishing markets utilising both traditional sawing and processing techniques for natural stone as well as 21st century CNC computer controlled technology. WHY YOU SHOULD CHOOSE STRATA NATURAL STONE.

We are the only UK company offering total supply chain management, from our own quarries in India through to our own manufacturing operations that process and package the full range of textures and finishes that we offer. Where the quarry of origin is not owned by Stone Age, our team of natural stone specialists select the rock prior to manufacture. Quality is paramount, so we ensure that only the best quality rock is selected for use in the manufacture of Strata products. This means that our customers receive paving that is manufactured from the best quality sandstone, limestone and granites. These factors if present in Indian sandstone will undermine the durability of your paving long after installation.

All our products comply with the CE mark. ETHICAL TRADING AND HEALTH & SAFETY. All aspects of ethical trading are a way of life at Stone Age and were introduced into the work culture way before this important subject was made public! Sanjeev Agrawal - Executive Chairman.

Our ethical and health and safety policies ensure that our employees safety is our priority and that safe working practises are employed across the business. No child or forced labour is ever employed by our company. Stone Age also operates a charitable trust and contributes from its UK and Indian profits to local educational and health establishments, enabling support for local schools in Jaipur and free treatment and medical equipment for the children with thalassemia, a genetic disorder. AN INTRODUCTION TO OUR PRODUCTS. Natural stone is recognised as the material of choice in residential and commercial projects all over the world due to the unique beauty of the material, and the unspoken statement of timelessness, quality and prestige that it conveys.

At Strata our portfolio of stone includes many finishes to enable different styles and effects to be achieved. Some examples of these are highlighted below, but if you are looking for something unique let us know, and our Design and Technology team will work with you to achieve your objective. This is achieved by sawing a block of stone into tiles and carrying out a secondary mechanical process to hone the surface to create a semi-polished smooth appearance. In this collection, sawn stone tiles are subjected to a pressurized flow of fine sand resulting in a uniform lightly textured nonslip surface. As the title suggests, edges of natural cleft stone tiles are sawn cut to create smooth and straight lines, allowing for tighter grouting joints during installation.

Stone tiles are encased in rotating metal tumbling drums along with ceramic beads, whereby their continuous rubbing motion against the stone gives the surface and edges an "aged" and weathered appearance. The surface of the stone is processed with heavy duty, hard bristled brushes to give the appearance of "old" worn and smooth stones often seen in heritage buildings. NATURAL CLEFT HAND CUT EDGES.

These are the terms used to refer to the stone when it has a natural finish, whereby each tile has been split by hand from a large block, along its natural laying seam and then set sized tiles are created using a chisel, slaters axe or hammer to create a very natural look surface and edge. Strata flagstones are ideal for patios, paths and courtyards and we have provided this installation guidance to help ensure you get many years of trouble-free service. Installation tips such as this can never be comprehensive for every project and we urge you to seek professional on-site advice for any specific issues not covered in this brief guide. This item is in the category "Garden & Patio\Landscaping & Garden Materials\Patio, Deck & Walkway\Patio Stones & Paving Slabs".

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  1. Stone Name: Mint Sandstone Bullnose Steps
  2. Surface Finish: Sawn- Honed
  3. No.

    of pieces: 12 Pieces

  4. Size: 1200x350x50mm
  5. Shape: One side bullnose, Indian Mint sandstone steps, Outdoor paving steps, Indoor laying bullnose steps, Mint sandstone honed edging, Mint sandstone coping stone, Smooth bullnose edging, One side curved mint walling stone, Natural stone steps, Rectangle shape mint steps, One side curve smooth steps, Swimming pool coping, Steps, Bullnose front, Honed bullnose soft edge steps, Mint Honed Sandstone bull nose Paving Slabs, Garden Mint Honed bull nose Steps, Mint Bull nose steps, Honed Mint Sandstone Bull Nose Steps, Rectangular
  6. Colour: Beige
  7. Country/Region of Manufacture: India
  8. Coverage per Case: 12 Pieces
  9. Style: Victorian Style
  10. Custom Bundle: No
  11. Item Height: 50mm
  12. Item Width: 350mm
  13. Material: Bullnose Steps, Mint Sandstone bull nose Steps, Honed Mint Sandstone Bull Nosed Steps, Indian Mint Sandstone Bull nose Steps, Mint Sandstone Bull nose Stairs Steps, Mint sandstone Honed Hallway Bullnose steps, Honed Mint Sandstone Bull Nose Steps, Mint Bull nose steps, Garden Mint Honed bull nose Steps, Interior Mint honed Bull nose steps, Mint Honed Sandstone bull nose Paver stone, Mint Honed Sandstone bull nose Paving Slabs, Rectangular shape stone, Indian sandstone steps, Outdoor paving bullnose steps, Deck paving steps, Paving material, Mint Honed Sandstone Bull Nose Steps, Mint Hoed Sandstone Steps Bull Nose, Sandstone
  14. Pattern: Heavy Pattern
  15. Type: Step Stone
  16. Features: Smooth, Honed surface, Slip resistant, Outdoor application, Indoor application, walling stone, Coping stone, Edging stone, One side bullnose, Beige color sandstone bullnose steps, Traditional look, Swimming pool coping stone, Interior paving steps, Outdoor paving steps, Natural mint sandstone steps honed surface, Calibrated, Frost-Resistant, Sawn Edge
  17. Number in Pack: 1
  18. Year Manufactured: 2021
  19. Item Length: 1200mm
  20. Installation Type: Free
  21. Item Weight: 980Kg
  22. Brand: Strata Stones
  23. Suitable For: Steps, Pool Coping, Border coping, Wall Coping, Planter Coping, Bull Nose Steps, Stairs Steps, Hall Way Bull Nose Steps, Garden Bull Nose Steps, Landing Room Bull Nose Steps, Living Room Bull Nose Steps, Mint Sandstone Honed Bull Nose Steps, Mint Sandstone Honed Wall Coping, Soft edges interior steps, Bullnose edge Outdoor accessory, swimming pool coping, garden steps, Balcony, Pool, Terrace
  24. Stone Type: Sandstone

Mint Indian Sandstone Sawn Honed Bull Nose Steps 1200X350 MM Patio Paving Stones    Mint Indian Sandstone Sawn Honed Bull Nose Steps 1200X350 MM Patio Paving Stones